Of the 115,000 persons involved in hospice care in America, some 95,000 are volunteers. Each year volunteers give more than 5 million hours to helping dying persons and their families.

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Payment for Hospice Care

  • Approximately 75% of our patients receive services covered by Medicare.
  • About 8%, have services covered by their private insurance.
  • Close to 8% have services covered by Medicaid.
  • About 9% of our patients receive "free" services made possible by support of the community.

A Community Service

When Hospice of Natchitoches was established in 2000, one of the guiding principles was a pledge to care for “our” community. Since then nearly all medically eligible patients, regardless of their ability to pay for services, have been accepted into our services. Since that time, we have dedicated ourselves to compassionate care for the dying as a form of community ministry rather than as a business and set quality of care, not financial reward, as the ultimate measure of our success.

The Indigent Patient Fund

To establish and maintain an indigent patient fund—from which the cost of providing care to patients without means can be paid—Hospice of Natchitoches has relied on the generosity of the community, memorial gifts, donations, and special events fundraising.