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The entire team was great to us and we appreciated all they did for us. They were so caring and concerned for our dad and for our family. Thank you.

What makes Hospice of Natchitoches the hospice I should choose?

Fewer phone calls from patient/family

  • Hospice Medical Directors are available 24/7.
  • Evening shift nurses are available to see patients and handle the crisis in person
  • Information is provided on Hospice of Natchitoches website which helps to empower the patient and family and make them more confident

Consistent patient management

  • Large Physician group benefits from prompt response of 24/7
  • Hospice Medical Director can cover ALL calls if referring physician prefers

Weekend Support = Less Crisis

  • The Hospice team(nurses, social workers, chaplains) are available to perform admits, provide evening visits, and alleviate fears
  • The full medical support provided by Hospice of Natchitoches reduces readmits to hospital

Continuous Care Staffing

When a patient or family is in a crisis situation, Hospice of Natchitoches is equipped to place Registered nurses at bedside, around the clock

Thorough Informational Support

  • Website that helps to answers questions
  • Ongoing education and support by nurses, social workers, and chaplains which helps to alleviate fears